Chili’s Restaurant Two for $20 Deal

If you happen to meet up with a friend for dinner and you are on a tight budget, stop by Chili’s Restaurant and have an inexpensive meal for two, with just a budget of $20. Yes, $20 for a full meal comprising of a wide selection of appetizers and two full size entries. The Chili’s Restaurant serves American food with a kick of Texas-Mexican cuisine, which makes it more fun to eat at when looking for a different taste of food. With your $20, you can choose your own appetizer; they serve fried cheese, crispy onion and jalapeno stack, tostada chips and other sides that can jump start your dining experience and conversation. The full-size entry meals also serve a long menu of fried shrimp, quesadilla explosion salad, their classic bacon burger, Cajun chicken pasta and everything else Chili’s is known for.

Chili’s Two for $20 Deal

Have a friend or your loved one out for dinner and enjoy the fun dining and environment of Chili’s. At $20, you are sure to eat big yet spend small. The $20 meal price does not include beverage or tax so be sure to bring spare cash for extra add-ons. The promo is valid only at participating U.S. locations, so check out the nearest Chili’s Restaurant near you and who knows maybe they offer the $20 dinner for two.

The Chili’s opened as a simple yet fun Dallas burger founded by Larry Lavine in Dallas, Texas in 1975. The inspiration was to make an informal yet full-service dining restaurant that offers different types of hamburgers but marked with inexpensive and reasonable prices. The Chili’s paved its way and was successful and by the early 1980’s a couple of franchise branches have been put up. Today, Chili’s has over 1400 branches of casual dining restaurants all over the United States and Canada.

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